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The White Knight

She absolutely adored him –

The calm, confident smile on his face that traced as a thin line across his fine lips, the clouded mysteriousness that shadowed in his moonlit eyes, his ever-yet so fine and delicate hair, bangs positioned in such a precise way.

The way he walked in that tuxedo, spoke like the whispers in the trees; everything entranced the lady, as she figured enough that just maybe, maybe, one day she'd be able to face him straight. And tell him the truth.

In long fingers she held a heart-shaped box, wrapped with ever so fine silk. She gazed down to it, a yet also confident smile on her face as she pressed it lovingly to her chest.

And that day would be today.

Star knew it just had to be today.


It felt so long ago ever since they had locked eyes on each other, her face snuggled well behind a stack of books, light-heartedly having one in hand as she read to herself, promising yet the same thing that she would offer that box of chocolates. She yet couldn't find the heart in herself to do, the hot shot having already stacked with loads of gifts, bags you could say.

At the time, she was so fixed on debating whether or not to give the item to him, that she didn't even consider thinking in where she was going. But then quick ever as a lightning flash, she tripped over a crack in the cement.

Yet it wasn't tripping that wouldn't make her regret anything – in fact, it was one of the most important things, even as the books were flying and panic went swooping.

She had been caught; caught by the white knight, the saviour of all saviours. Carried up and away in his strong, gentle arms, not even a hair touching the ground.


The chirps of birds and the sounds of people, the surroundings, seemed to block off as the man set the girl back upright onto her feet. Then he opened the box of chocolates, the one she wanted to give him.

And took up a single, dark milk one between his gloved fingers. Taking a bite of it with ever so love and care.

Stat knew well enough to read the message he held in the silence, as he placed the box softly down into her arms, disappearing off as quick, yet so graceful.
I will be waiting for you…Waiting for you…

A new feeling of warmth aroused deep within the woman, accepting the fact.

I will be waiting for you…

…On Valentine's Day.

It was February 14. Exactly a year from that day, mean now only one thing, as the clock struck its hour.

Today was Valentine's Day.

Star could almost feel the aura; the otherworldly-like sensory that surrounded Sebastian, shining down on him like an angel.

She stroked the bow she had fixed on the box, ensuring that every item was in place.

This was it – all the time she had waited to see him once more. To give a gift that had been flustered over yet so long ago.

Although this time she couldn't let anything go wrong.

His footsteps began to echo, the noise bouncing off the walls of the corridor, as Star supposed that he was as steady as ever, knowing the promise that he had kept all time. But no matter what would come after this now, she knew there was no backing out; after all, she had come this far.

The sunlight illuminated behind her as the two were less than meters away, cherry blossoms cascading the azure sky of the balcony, and it was time for Star to make another move; her arms stretching out and holding out the red rose box.

Sebastian had come to a stop arm lengths away from her now, his own stretching out a skimming the tender bow she had placed around it, Star still suppressed in both fear and joy of what might happen.

Or perhaps it was neither.

Once more, she took a silent deep breath in, reminding herself with courage that she had to go on, for how far she had come. Not a single step must go wrong.

Like an angel herself, she slid one hand from underneath the box, lifting it over and on top, tugging on the bow so that it became undone and slipped to the floor without sound. Their eyes once again had become locked with one another.

Star curved her fingers around the lid, seeing it as a cue to utter her words and hand it over, but Sebastian was even more quick – instead of allowing her too, he brought himself up closer. A hand overlapped hers, pressing down on the lid even more so that they were face to face exactly, a rose in his other hand.

"Got you."

She had been caught; caught by the white knight, the saviour of all saviours. Carried up and away in his strong, gentle arms, not even a hair touching the ground.
A piece of writing for =EmpressTerra's contest.

Typically, the general idea in this is that I believe that Star would/could spend a part of a Valentine's Day trying to give chocolates to a (special) person. The ending is quite indeterminate, if I suppose, and it is up to you to interpret it ^^

Characters are owned by their original creators; please don't use or copy them.
EmpressTerra Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2013  Student Digital Artist
This is soooo sweet and Romantic!!!!
Scytheia Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
I indeedly glad that you think so ^^
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